Monday, November 4, 2013

Introduction: Tell Her She's Dreaming

I have been a lover of archaeology and history since childhood so I continued to pine for years for the motherlode of my hobby - Britain. I drank in countless documentaries and viewed Stonehenge from so many different recorded angles that I was almost convinced I was seeing a different stone circle each time.

For a laugh in 2012, I began to plot sites I would most love to see. These included:

The Maunsell Sea Forts from Coast.
The Culloden battlefield from Two Men in a Trench.
Holyrood Palace from an episode of Time Team.
The White Cliffs of Dover seen in countless documentaries.
The Ring of Brodgar from A History of Ancient Britain.
The Tower of London as seen from every panning shot of London ever.

The list went on. The thing they all had in common (apart from many of them featuring Neil Oliver roaming about with his majestic hair) was that I had seen them on television but never with my own eyes.

I would never get to see them! Ever! It was impossible!

But then I realised that I was soon to finish my tertiary studies and I had saved quite a bit of money, expecting to leap directly into an apartment nearest my future place of work. Unfortunately, the job offers did not come.

There was nothing - no responsibility, no lack of funds - to hold me back. What was I waiting for? This was my chance to realise my dreams!

So I booked the tickets and flew to Britain in April 2013, accompanied by my brother whose love for long-distance driving I fully intended to exploit!

I also took with me a Sony DSLR, a journal and a multitude of pens - I have edited out the jetlagged ravings and whatever else, but I have kept the tenses as they were to give the feel of an ongoing adventure. :)

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