Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 12: Caswell Bay

Our “holiday in a holiday” continues and I love it. The view is superb. This morning Cazy dropped me off at Swansea Bay and I meandered back through the shops at The Mumbles. I purchased postcards, thongs, a bag and some chocolate (a lollipop style treat with “Mumbles” written on it) then began the trek back to Caswell Bay. It wasn’t so bad - I'm very glad I practiced walking on fire trails in Australia!

It's all Welsh to me!

At Caswell Bay (the first entrance - there are two ways to get to the beach) I took photos then continued walking on the narrow winding road (I was terrified whenever I heard a car!) to the apartment where I met Cazy again.

Is this the best beach in Britain?

I ate lunch then visited our side of Caswell Bay, snapping voraciously at the scenery with the SLR’s telescopic lens. The water lapped at my thonged feet - cold but bearable. A blue sky and radiant sun crowned the view and many people were gathered on the beach. Quite a few dogs were leaping through the waves. I watched, bemused, as two teenaged boys climbed some of the cliffs to reach the track to Langland Bay. 

Camera porn!

I returned to our “home”. Maybe we'll do Oystermouth Castle tomorrow.

Bye. :D

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