Saturday, December 23, 2017

2015 Rambles: Table of Contents

After thinking she'll never go overseas again, Caz learns that nothing is impossible.

Day 1: New York
In which Caz discovers that New York City can be quite smelly in summer.

Day 2: New York
Caz and her fiancé get inside Lady Liberty's head.

Day 3: New York
We look down on Manhattan, chase down Finch and Reese - and my leggings cause a stir!

Day 4: New York
Caz finds the one place in New York City where she doesn't feel grumpy.

Day 5: New York
A parade derails our plan to touch a bull but fails to stop us joining the Ghostbusters!

We discover a preferred filming location in Canada.

Day 7: Niagara Falls
A giant tourist trap - with a side order of wonder - keeps us captive for a day.

Day 8: Hamilton
We skulk around Hamilton and happily do not run into Magneto.

Day 9: Hamilton
In which laundry is done and Caz reads a book.

Day 10: Dundurn Castle & Stoney Creek
The War of 1812 features heavily in a tale of two houses.

Day 11: Toronto
Caz discovers another filming location and her fiancé braves the CN Tower.

We do absolutely nothing for 3 days and then have to say goodbye to Tim Hortons.

Day 15: London
Sherlock Holmes, Kingsman and Kensington Palace end up on our hit list.

Day 16: Dover
Dover offers us a fantastic castle and a surprising amount of Roman ruins.

In which Totnes is evil but Berry Pomeroy Castle makes it all better.

We travel in style and Caz fulfils her dream of buying more cashmere.

Caz and her fiancé go in search of St Anthony's Chapel.

We head to Glasgow via Bothwell Castle.

Caz ambitiously tackles three castles in one day.

The UK's most photographed castle gets another photo taken of it.

Dunvegan Castle surprises us with its secrets and Skye stuns us with its beauty.

We fail to find a souterrain but we do find an epic broch.

Caz's second visit to Loch Ness begins with some vehicular trouble!

Relying on a dodgy spare tyre, we set out on dodgier B roads.

We manage to squeeze in a flying visit to St Paul's Cathedral before we board a day-long flight.

Caz shares yet more travel tips that no one asked for. ;)

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