Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 10: The Uffington White Horse

We reluctantly left our hotel and filled up the car with petrol before driving on to the Uffington White Horse a couple of hours away. We scheduled in a comfort stop on the way which was lucky because there are no toilets at the National Trust site.

We scoured the hills with our eyes as Cazy drove, trying to find the White Horse before the satnav took us there. I fretted as rain occasionally peppered the windshield but I need not have worried. Cazy was sure the Horse was on the right but I knew it would be on the left - it was. But it was kind of hard to see because we drove below it to reach the car park (£1.50 it cost us to park).

Wind battered us as we emerged from the car and I pulled on an extra fleece. I chose to walk to the “viewpoint” while Cazy ambled behind me (his left foot hurt). Sheep crap lay everywhere and the sheep themselves were pottering about (mostly white with brown faces, a couple all brown).

From the viewpoint, I saw the Horse (people were near it, ruining my photos) and Dragon Hill (I had noticed this as we drove up and correctly guessed it to be the result of earthworks - all those episodes of Time Team are paying off!).

Apparently this looks better from a helicopter.

Dragon Hill is apparently where St George slew the dragon. There is a patch of chalk on the hill where grass won’t grow - this is where the dragon’s blood was spilled. It just looked like a manmade hill to me - possibly defensive, possibly ritualistic because it is positioned right in front of the Horse.

Stepping over sheep droppings, we walked up to the Horse itself. Close up it’s not as impressive and it was not what I expected. I thought the chalk would be a smooth surface but it was like gravel. It made me wonder how they clean it - and they must otherwise it disappears into the grass.

"Release the dragon!"

I wanted to view the “castle” (an Iron Age hill fort) but I was mindful of Cazy’s foot. We returned to the car and headed for Bristol.

The satnav failed us at first and we drove around until I spotted the hotel. Annoyingly, the satnav picked it up when we were a mere minute away.

Our hotel is undergoing a refurb which started after I booked. Sigh. There are workmen in the carpark and the lobby is unusable. We had to go up to a makeshift reception, past clutter and construction. As compensation, the hotel gave us free parking and free Wifi vouchers.

We are in separate doubles. Thank God! No snoring! Cazy popped by and gave me an Iron Man 3 sticker book. <3 


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