Friday, September 18, 2015

Days 12, 13 & 14: Relaxing in Hamilton

Day 12

Nothing much to report - day of relaxation. When we went out for breakfast, a man on a skateboard sailed past on the “sidewalk”, pushing a trolley full of junk. Briefly wondered if we’d stumbled into alternate Hill Valley.

Nice wrap for lunch.

…yeah that’s the highlight! Rained a lot. Found the best of two chocolate shops - this after changing all our USD to CAD because we have spent way too much money here.

Day 13

Another relaxing day. Attempted to arrange to meet our friends but we heard that one of their fathers had had a heart attack. My fiancé and I shopped for a bit then saw Ant-Man at the local cinema - sadly an average film. We ate at the burger place again (my Sk8er Boi burger had peanut butter on it - somehow it tasted amazing!).

Will be leaving tomorrow - glad I no longer have to run the gauntlet of beggars and people intruding on my space for change.

Day 14

With our check out extended to 2pm, we had a luxurious sleep in (9am) which I needed after wedding guests next door yammered away past 4am. We had apple danishes from the previous night for breakfast, followed by lunch.

Once everything was ready, we farewelled our relaxing abode and called a taxi. Our driver was as aggressive as a New Yorker, though his vehicle was equipped with shit brakes (how we did not cause a pile up on the motorway, I do not know). However, he retained a particular Canadian habit. Where most taxi drivers would be stoically silent, he kept saying, “Sorry.”

We had to wait for ages in a stationary queue because British Airways workers do not start until exactly 3 hours before the flight.

Once past screening, we enjoyed Tim Hortons for the very last time then went to our gate where you could use iPads to surf the internet and order food right to your table. I must have looked so sad when the waiter said they were out of blueberry cream cheese danishes (my fiancé said I looked miserable) that they brought it in from elsewhere in the airport!

Boarded at 6pm and took off early! Many seats empty. Curled up against my fiancé and managed to sleep…

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