Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 9: Hamilton

A much needed day of rest. We left at 8am for a nearby cafe, huddled beneath an umbrella. It poured. And poured. And poured. A good day to fall on our “laundry” day. The rain had chased away other customers, so we had the cafe to ourselves. A Nutella bagel was on my agenda - it seemed nuttier somehow. Loved it! Nutella seems to be a bit of thing here at the moment. The Canadian workers in the cafe were making liberal use of the word “eh”.

All the Nutella you can handle!

Then it was time for the laundry expedition! James Street North seemed much longer than we recalled and I grew more irritable with each intersection that dared cross our path. Finally we got to the laundromat. It had two rooms lined with industrial dryers and washes - some of the latter were huge, ranging from single load to double load to triple load (we used this one) to maxi load. The place felt like a sauna.

We fed our quarters in then passed the time. Read books. Wrote postcards. Observed a dude empty someone else’s washing, presumably from his favourite machine as there were many others available. Ascertained they were not his owing to frilly knickers and two confused women who came to claim them.

Washer - 23 minutes. Dryer - 32 + 18 minutes. All done!

The rain had eased so I foolishly thought that we could see Dundurn Castle today. The torrents were back as we bought bus tokens from a convenience store and made our way to James St South. We decided instead to stay put and bought the newly released Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee before having lunch at some cafe before returning to hover while our room was cleaned.

Read Go Set A Watchman. Very impressed but it was also an uncomfortable read.

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