Thursday, October 1, 2015

Days 27-30 - The Long Journey Home

Day 27

Had a lazy morning involving a trip to Pret-A-Manger for a late breakfast. We found Waverley Station easily and began the long wait for our train to Kings Cross. I had to climb my way through a long queue to use the toilet! We got our luggage stowed without having to fight people then sat back to enjoy our first class trip. It’s always nice to travel in style.

When we arrived in London we took the taxi at 6pm to our hotel. It was still light and warm as we walked the short distance to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen across the Thames - we used the Millennium Bridge which is for pedestrians only. It still had slow-moving traffic, caused by tourists, nut vendors and idiots on their phones. We enjoyed our burgers in Southwark (along with an elderflower drink - I’ve become too fond of elderflower during this trip and I have no idea how I will survive without in Sydney) then it was my turn to cause a hold up on the bridge.

There are nice views either way on the Thames - especially if you want a shot of The Shard! I also realised how close we were to St Paul’s Cathedral (not St Paul’s Church which I mistakenly went to at the beginning of the British leg of our trip haha!), rebuilt after the Great Fire of London in 1666.

A brilliant summer evening in London.

The late evening lighting was beautiful on the cathedral, giving it an almost divine look. The blue sky above it - sublime. The closed doors drawing no tourists into my photos - perfect. One could have a religious experience just taking photos of it!

You can't ask for better lighting than that.

Went back to the hotel. This trip is winding down. I don’t want to leave but I want to go home. I miss it. I miss reliable and fast wifi!

Hopefully the flight goes well tomorrow. As we are not married, we need to avoid hugging and kissing at Dubai International Airport because of their laws. I will also wear my demure “I’m on a long trip” clothes.

May the Force be with me.

Days 28-30

Yet another lazy morning before transferring to our “day room” where we passed the time with free wifi. We got to Heathrow a little after 6pm - did VAT refund, had food etc - then we were boarding, bound for Sydney via Dubai. I spent this first leg watching movies.

Dubai was far less painless than the flights. I always had someone behind me (a different person both times!) who kept putting their feet on my armrest! I crushed their toes with my elbows until they learned their lesson. Also, the button to put my chair back didn’t work which made me upset until an attendant revealed to me that there was another button under the chair. Thank goodness!

On the second leg I finished a book then listened to thunderstorm ambient music so I could sleep. Eventually I gave up, but soon enough we were in Sydney at 5:15am but wait - some non-QANTAS ground crew had left shit all over the bay we needed to pull into it. We had to wait for it to be cleared. Ugh.

Customs were not bothered to search our bags after we revealed we were declaring teabags. I suspect they rolled their eyes once they let us through. We were met by my parents outside and were driven home just as darkness lifted. :D

Our house-sitter, my future brother-in-law, had washed the bed sheets - what a wonderful thing to come home to!! Now to wash everything else…

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