Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2013 Rambles: Table of Contents

Caz stops thinking about visiting the UK and decides to finally achieve her dream.

Day 1: London
Caz and Cazy's jetlagged adventures in the Tower of London.

Day 2: London
We explore Westminster and walk over dead people.

Day 3: Stonehenge, Lacock & Bath
We shrink inside Stonehenge, dodge Voldemort in Godric's Hollow and dash through Bath.

Day 4: London
Just how does the British Museum smell anyway?

Day 5: Paris
How to spend 7 hours in the capital of France!

Day 6: Lullingstone & Dover
We roam a Roman villa then rove over the White Cliffs of Dover. ;)

Day 7: The Maunsell Sea Forts & Dover
We seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to board anti-air towers that defended Britain during WWII.

Day 8: 1066 Country
The Battle of Hastings suddenly becomes more than a tapestry when we follow William the Conquerer from Pevensey to Battle.

Day 9: Hastings
We explore a town where you can ride a 19th century cliff railway up to an 11th century castle!

Day 10: The Uffington White Horse
A giant prehistoric horse, St. George, a dragon and us. :)

Day 11: Caerleon
Caz embarrasses herself by quoting a 20th century computer game in Roman ruins.

Day 12: Caswell Bay
South Wales provides a stunning candidate for Best Beach in Britain.

Day 13: Oystermouth Castle
We clamber around a castle built to quell the Welsh. :D

Day 14: Nottingham
We breach the walls of Nottingham Castle one minute before the doors close.

Day 15: Nottingham
Our hunt for the Nottingham of legend continues in Sherwood Forest.

Day 16: Nottingham & Arbor Low
We find a stone circle that, according to its owner, "is cooler than Stonehenge because you can climb over it".

Day 17: Arbor Low & Whitby
Caz attempts to juggle an audio guide, an umbrella and a camera at Whitby Abbey.

Day 18: Whitby
Caz discovers Whitby's Australian connection and why there are so many people running around in Gothic/steampunk garb.

Day 19: Hadrian's Wall
What have the Romans ever done for us? ;)

Day 20: Alnwick Castle & Edinburgh
We attend Hogwarts and fail to see any ghosts - but we do encounter a duke!

Day 21: Edinburgh
Caz opens an umbrella on Edinburgh Castle (big mistake, HUGE mistake) and then hunts for a lump in the grass at Holyrood Palace.

Day 22: Edinburgh
Caz haunts second-hand book stores then attends the Beltane Fire Festival.

Day 23: Stirling
We enter Neil Oliver's hometown, climb the Wallace Monument and then embark on a hunt for Stirling's city walls.

Day 24: Stirling
We explore Stirling Castle and then Caz trips over 16th century graves.

Day 25: The Highlands
We encounter our worst weather yet in the Scottish highlands and then fail to spot a flying Ford Anglia. ;D

Day 26: Loch Ness & Culloden
We tempt the Loch Ness Monster, explore the Culloden battlefield and then discover what has to be the smelliest place in Scotland.

Day 27: Carn Liath & The Castle of Mey
Caz nearly falls over in a 2000-year-old broch and then we find ourselves at the very top of mainland Britain.

Day 28: Orkney
We are led around Orkney by a very peculiar individual.

Day 29: Edinburgh
We look for ghosts in the Edinburgh Vaults. :)

We travel first class from Edinburgh to London.

Day 31: Devon
Caz's good friend Jon shows her around Dartmoor, Perry Bomeroy Castle and Drogo Castle. And Caz learns that you should never mock Haytor.

Day 32: Devon
Jon shows Caz the sights in Torquay and then we learn why you should never park illegally in Cockington (it's not what you think!).

Day 33: London
We snag the best spot outside Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.

Days 34 & 35: London
Caz explores Hyde Park and chills out in Southwark.

Days 36 & 37: London
After celebrating her birthday, Caz meets Elwood Blues! :D

An entire day goes missing when Caz flies home to Australia.

Helpful advice for any other dreamers who wish to venture to the UK.

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